Actron CP7830 Hand Vacuum Pump

 Actron CP7830 Hand Vacuum Pump Brand Sunpro

This hand vacuum pump helps to find any vacuum or gasket leak as well as keeping an eye on certain pressure levels. It comes complete with a 24-in hose and tapered hose adaptors. It includes a rugged steel handle frame, solid brass cylinder, cylinder head, piston, cushioned handle grips and barbed brass hose fitting.

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  • Diameter measures 3-1/2-in
  • Helps to find any vacuum or gasket leak
  • Includes rugged steel handle frame and solid brass cylinder
  • Comes complete with 24′-in hose and tapered hose adaptors

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  • Combine the Actron CP7830 Hand Vacuum Pump, Tilia FoodSaver Accessory Hose, and the FoodSaver Regular-Mouth Jar Sealer & Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer canning jar adapters, this is what I use to vacuum all the air from jars I’ve filled with fruits, veggies, venison jerky, grains, flour, rice, everything you want to keep fresh & dry in a canning jar! About 20psi should do it.
  • I have no idea how this works in an automotive situation. I bought this pump because there was a video on YouTube about converting one of these into a jar sealer for long-term food storage. As some may know, most Foodsavers have a port on them where, instead of vacuum sealing their proprietary bags, one can use an accessory to suck the air out of standard canning jars/lids, thereby enabling long-term storage of such things as rice and beans. However, what to do if the Foodsaver isn’t available, or breaks, or there’s no electricity? This pump is the perfect solution.There is one difference between this pump and the identical pump on YouTube: this pump comes with a whole lot of adapters and a nice rubber hose. The guy who made the video used an aquarium hose and sort of manhandled it into the top of the jar sealer. I discovered that the black rubber hose included here plugs perfectly into one end of the Foodsaver clear accessory hose, thereby enabling a nice long hose with the two combined.The other part I really enjoy about this setup is that there is an attached gauge with vacuum pressure showing. For canning jars one takes it up to about 20/Hg, which takes about a half minute of pumping. Once that it reached, a simple touch of the release button under the gauge equalizes the pressure and the jar sealer accessory can be taken off.My Foodsaver is in the kitchen, but it’s on a shelf and not convenient necessarily to pull down to seal one thing. This handy appliance will fit in a drawer and take care of that now. Well worth the money for me!
  • First, Actron is a manufacturer/importer of precision automotive test equipment (see “Automotive” following their products). They are not intended to seal cans, jars, or milk barnyard animals.You should have received a (very brief AUTOMOTIVE) manual with your purchase. Contact your seller or Actron if you did not.This is my first Actron vacuum gun. It worked out of the wrap so I gave it 5 stars. I’ve never had a vacuum gun that didn’t work out of the box; a few years down the road is another story. I just trashed a competitor’s expensive metal model, saving only the gauge. Rebuilt just a few years ago, it recently leaked every time I needed it most. I babied that unit, never used it to bleed the brakes.Brakes: This model lacks the necessary attachments, but they can be obtained. I never had any luck bleeding brakes with little hand-held vacuum guns; I just built up my bicep and ruined the gun. Maybe I overfilled the bottle or didn’t hold the testers straight. Maybe they couldn’t cope with high-capacity vintage muscle car brake systems. Others have used them successfully, though I’m not sure on what cars.What this product has going for its projected longevity is its apparent simplicity. It’s made in China and seems cheap and basic next to its main competitor, but basic (simple and straightforward in construction) might be a good thing. We shall see.
  • I bought this to replace my plastic mighty-vac vacuum pump that was probably two decades old which finally broke its handle. I figured the metal construction would make it a solid product.And it seems to be holding up just fine now… now that I’ve fixed it!At the top of the handle is a small clip that attaches the handle to the rod. This clip popped off the second time I used it! Luckily I found it on the floor about ten feet away and was able to reinstall it.I ended up putting a quick tack weld over the clip to prevent it from popping off again and now it works great. I suppose a heavier duty clip may also do the job but being I use this several times a day as a professional tech I don’t want to have to keep fixing it!If it doesn’t hold up I’ll just pay the extra money for a new mighty vac but I was very disappointed to see it break so quickly!EDIT: It’s been over 18 months now and it’s still working great. I did drop it once and the clear plastic gauge cover broke but the gauge and the pump still work fine. I’ve upgraded my rating to three stars (would be five if not for having to fix a brand new product)
  • Built to fail! DO NOT BUY. The design is fundamentally flawed: when you squeeze the handle and the plunger pulls back, ALL that force is resting on one thing – a tiny, flimsy rivet that attaches the plunger shaft to the handle. This is a MASSIVE design flaw and it has to be intentional, because a simple bar-and-pin or other standard device would have worked fine.This is engineering 101, any idiot should know this. I can’t believe it could have accidently gone through a design and review process without anyone noticing… so the logical conclusion is that it’s built to fail. It is only a matter of time before (as a lot of people have noted) that rivet PINGS off during a pump. There is no way short of welding a cap on to repair it properly – and who’s got a precision arc welder at home? This is a P.O.S. pump and you should steer clear – a total waste of money. You may luck out and have it last a year or two if you use it infrequently… but it’s just a matter of time.Oh, and BTW, the Amazon return policy is 30 days. So you’ll more than likely be SOL when it comes to getting your money back.
  • I’m doing some medium to small sized carbon part vacuum infusion experiments, and didn’t want to spend too much for a pump as it’s just a hobby. So decided to give this one a try. Works great. Pulls at least 25 vacuum and holds it! And it’s totally quiet. And it gives you an exercise. (but can be a problem for a small person/woman with small hands)Took one star off because the red padding on one handle was broken on arrival. I just wrapped it with tape, and it’s not a big problem, but the quality control should’ve caught that before shipping…

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