EPAuto 1/2-Inch Drive by 24″ Length Breaker Bar, CR-V Steel

 EPAuto 1/2-Inch Drive by 24

EPAuto 1/2-Inch Drive by 24-Inch Breaker Bar

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  • Durability: Made from high quality hardened Chrome Vanadium steel alloy (Cr-V)
  • Corrosion-Resistant: Chrome Plated Finish & Mirror Polished
  • Breaks free rusted, stuck lug nut with ease.
  • 180-Degree heat treated chrome moly flex head grants easy torque at any angle

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  • This breaker bar is larger than I expected, not in length but width and girth. The pivoting head is larger than normal and goes around the bar instead of being inside of the bar. I think it’ll make it much stronger. I have broken Snap-on breaker bars before so we will see how this matches up. Sometimes you will only need an 18 Inch Breaker Bar though this is very large it will not fit into every area under your hood. This would be good for taking off lug nuts on a wheel it has great Leverage.
  • This is the deal of deals! First it was 17 bucks and some change. I thought that was too cheap at first. I decide to give it a shot. With Prime it was fee shipping. Ordered wednesday and got friday. Came from Ontario, Canada to Tennessee in 2 days to my door. Opened it up and was blown away by the fact it is built high quality and tough! Very nice and easily the same or better quality than one costing 79 bucks at Home Depot and i like it better than the Snap On breaker bar i used to have. 17 bucks and change…from Canada to me in 2 days. Wow! Best deal of the century right here!
  • Simply the best tool for those stubborn nuts, 2nd best tool in line with an impact wrench. I’ve used this for compact vehicles, and it takes the axle nuts like butter. Used it on pretty much everything from struts, axle/spindle nuts to suspension fastener nuts. The only time I’ve had trouble was a rack n pinion fastener, and that was my fault for being lazy and trying to loosen the nut from the engine compartment with extentions and rounding off the nut, ended up having to take the whole front sub-frame down for that one rack n pinion nut. Have a 2foot cheater bar, havn’t had to use it yet.
  • The tool feels tough and has some gravity to her. The head itself has a nice spring loaded ball to keep the socket in place. This would be a 5 star tool, but some genius at Epauto decided to label it with a dam sticker. That thing took me 10 minutes to get off with some elbow grease and some 99% isopropyl alcohol. That will be 10min of my life that I will never get back. Like you had to put a sticker there insisted of zip tieing a label on it.
  • Used this get all the rusty nuts loose in order to replace the CV half shafts and all 4 struts on my car, had no problems, great tool! Worked like a charm ever time, although sometimes I had to get it in weird positions (because my sockets were only 6 point, no fault of this product). The EP Auto 1/2″ drive torque wrench also seemed to work well in every application I needed it for.
  • Heavy duty and long enough to get leverage. I had returned one from the orange depot store that cost more and was so short and lightweight. I couldn’t get any leverage and had to use extra pipe over it. This one here was cheaper, twice the length and weight and perfect!
  • Got this tool and tossed my factory supplied one away. This breaker bar made it so easy to remove the lugs off my jeep. The length of the bar (which is longer at 24″ offered by some companies) gives you the leverage you need to loosen the lugs on a tire. It’s also significantly less stress on your back. This was a great purchase. Love it.
  • This a great product. I have tried many different ways to remove my car transmission fluid drain plug. The same thing even cracked a universal adapter on a cordless impact wrench.However, I was able to open it with this breaker bar. I am very pleased

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